SFIA and other frameworks: CoBIT, ITIL, CMMI, CISSP, PMBoK & Prince2

A couple of common questions I am often asked by people investigating SFIA is “what is the difference between SFIA and other frameworks?” and “How does SFIA fit with other frameworks”

First, let me say that frameworks – good frameworks are just that – frameworks.  They offer guidance and are flexible to meet the differing needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

SFIA is no different; it is a skills framework that addresses all ICT skill sets.  SFIA does not prescribe which skills appear in which role, which roles are in which part of the organisation – SFIA provides a solid proven framework of skills for use as best suits your business.SFIA Cobit ITIL CMMI CISSP

Frameworks like ITIL, Cobit, CMMI, CISSP and others all overlap with SFIA because each involves people and roles and those people need skills appropriate to service delivery, management, security etc.  Cobit for example describes in great depth the means of managing staff, building maturity, improving delivery and so on, but it does not detail skills to the same level of granularity as SFIA.

Organizations that adopt SFIA simply to standardize their role descriptions will not benefit.  The benefits of SFIA come with real workforce management and this may well include other frameworks.  SFIA can be implemented before, alongside or after other frameworks have been adopted and still deliver benefits.

SFIA is a tool to uncover information about the business and enable sound business responses.

By standardizing roles to the SFIA framework and assessing your staff against the same framework you can determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie.  By uncovering real information about the business, logical and reasonable strategies can be adopted that address the real problems not the superficial or perceived ones.

At the end of the day a CIO or senior ICT manager must demonstrate value – SFIA is a tool that can help show how your ICT workforce is being managed and shaped to business goals.

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SFIA Training Australia | Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

In 2013, the interest in SFIA and the organisational benefits it deliveres is expected to grow. At Ensys, we are continuing to train & empower organisations to understand and leverage the benefits of SFIA.

Public SFIA Training courses and SFIA Consultancy will continue to be delivered by Ensys in 2013, where we work with IT & HR Professionals to understand and benefit from SFIA through full day, high value, interactive workshops.

You can start understanding and benefiting from the SFIA framework by attending a SFIA Training workshop in your local city. Refer to the course dates below, to find your local training session.

      • 5 February        | Brisbane
      • 2 April                | Sydney
      • 7 May                 | Melbourne
      • 4 June                | Brisbane
      • 6 August            | Sydney
      • 3 September      | Melbourne
      • 1 October           | Brisbane
      • 3 December       | Sydney

SFIA Training Course | Ensys Consulting

For more information or to secure your seat, contact the office of Ensys Consulting or read more about SFIA Training and SFIA Consultancy services on our website.

1800 882 951

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WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT SFIA – October session in Brisbane

If you are a Brisbane ICT or HR professional, then you have a rare chance to get a concise and summarised overview of SFIA, delivered by Australia’s leading SFIA training provider.

SFIA is being deployed by a broadening range of employers including Queensland State Government Agencies and GOCs. It is also particularly useful for organisations employing contractors and those offering competitive ICT services.

From an individual’s perspective, SFIA provides an excellent way to plan and develop a career as well as adding value to resumes. SFIA is a foundation block for the ACS’s internationally recognised ICT Certification.

This informative presentation will deliver an understanding of SFIA and what is driving its growing use by organisations and individuals.

Event details:
Where: ACS Level 7/333 Adelaide Street Brisbane
When: 5:30pm, Tuesday 25th October 2011
Cost: $0 for ACS members, only $15 for non-members

Seats are filling fast, so for more details or to secure your seat go to the presentation portal.

W: www.ensys.com.au
P: 1800 882 951

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SFIA Information Session in Brisbane 16 November

In conjunction with the ACS, David Mitchell from Ensys will be presenting an information session on SFIA.

The presentation will give an introduction to the SFIA framework, the  levels and the skills categories within those levels.  It will also highlight how SFIA can deliver benefits to your organisation.

This will be a great way to find out more about SFIA which is being used increasingly in Austrlalia by major corpoates and Government.

Click on the link to connect to the ACS site to register.


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